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Day 6-Masterclass

We are confident that A/B testing is the best way to go.

A/B testing is like being in charge of a laboratory where new ideas are constantly generated and tweaked. You might compare landing pages, banners and CTA, or titles with A/B testing.

Visitors will see many versions of your content randomly. You can identify which version performs better by using statistical data.

It is possible to A/B-test anything.

Tracking is everything in affiliate marketing.

General stats tracking tracks your sales by date, program, GEO, tour, niche, gender, age, etc. This is all quite obvious.

However, it is possible to see what percentage of your traffic converts and how it converts. It’s up to you.

Trackers are a great way to distinguish traffic sources and find the treasure. Answer this simple question:

“Where are your top converting visitors coming from?”

It’s time to track down the answer if you don’t already know it.

All it comes down to is this: Trackers are tools that generate relevant stats specific for your traffic and promotion methods.

Ok. But how and where do I start?

Data is everything in affiliate marketing and trackers give you data. However, it must be relevant to your traffic, as we have already said.

Sub IDs are one of the most effective ways to identify tracking links. This unique information is what you will use to identify specific campaigns or tracking links. In the following example, we have added two Sub IDs. These are Facebook and Banner#2.

This will identify conversions from Facebook (traffic source) using the banner #5 (creative used).,2882,2883,3781

Do you have a website?

You should immediately set up Google Analytics on your website to start collecting the most data possible about your traffic. UTM trackers can be used to determine where visitors are coming from and which campaigns.

EPC is the efficiency metric

EPC (Earnings Per Click) shows us the average revenue per click.

If 1000 people click on your link and you earn $150, you will get $0.15 per click.

A higher EPC usually indicates a more successful and efficient campaign. But that is not always true. Higher EPC does not necessarily mean more money.

Simply put, which would you rather sell: two $100,000 cars every year or twenty $16,000 cars per year?

Global Postback

Postbacks are information about conversions. Affiliate network like CrakRevenue records all information about a click including subIDs of affiliates, payout amounts for specific offers, geo, device and banner clicked. With a postback, you can add any or all the information to an affiliate’s platform once a conversion has occurred. Global Postbacks will inform you about conversions for all offers.

Software adds different values to tracking URLs that are returned by the postback URL in order to achieve this. This is an example of how you could track the device of your traffic.{device_id}&app_id={app_id}&transaction_id={aff_sub

Contact your AM or Support team to create and set up a Global Postback for your account.

I hope that you found this one useful. See you tomorrow, for the last class.

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“I like this one, it makes you stop and think about what you’re doing and where you’re going.”

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