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How to Promote ClickBank Products For Free?

Affiliate marketing is like that ex that never leaves the mind. Earning money through affiliate marketing is a recurring thought. The affiliate industry is billions of dollars’ worth’ and still growing, so it’s obvious that everyone would want a piece of that share. ClickBank has a huge role in the huge market cap of affiliate marketing.

If you’ve heard about ClickBank and what it does, then we’re sure that you haven’t heard just the good things. Different opinions from different experiences make it harder for newcomers
to make a solid decision. The one thing that’s true about ClickBank is that it’s a treasure chest of valuable affiliate marketing offers.

What most affiliate marketers will tell you is that you just have to sign up on the ClickBank website and promote the products. But how can you promote the products? What are the steps? What are the right channels? In this article, we’ll discuss “how to promote ClickBank Products for free of cost”?

What Is ClickBank?

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Affiliate marketing is an extremely vast industry and it is easy to lose hope if you don’t get the desired results at the right time.

ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace, sounds simple right? Let’s make it simpler, ClickBank is the place that you need to go if you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer. ClickBank was founded in 1998 in San Diego, California. It is one of the oldest entities in the field of affiliate marketing. You can make money with ClickBank by joining them as a product vendor or affiliate marketer. Here are some statistics that make ClickBank one of the biggest
marketplace in affiliate marketing:

● 200 million customers in over 190 countries
● 87th largest internet retailer in the USA
● 250+ product categories and 21000+ products to choose from
● Over 6 million entrepreneurs on the platform
● 200 million dollars+ annual sales

If you’re planning to make a living using affiliate marketing, then ClickBank is definitely the right place. With ClickBank, you won’t have to create huge affiliate marketing blogs, the products can be promoted for free using a series of channels.

ClickBank is perfect for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online content creators who promote several products.

How to Create a ClickBank Account?

To start as an affiliate marketer with ClickBank, you need to create your ClickBank account. There are four steps to the sign-up process, below we have mentioned the complete steps for creating your ClickBank account.

Step 1: Sign-Up For a ClickBank Account

To be able to sign up for a ClickBank account, you must have Javascript and cookies enabled for the ClickBank pages for them to function properly. Different browsers have different settings to create an account. Let’s break this down by the different browsers.

1. Firefox

● Click the drop-down menu named “Firefox”. Then click on the “preference” button. 
● Hit the “content” tab and make sure that the “Enable JavaScript” box is marked.
● Next, click on the “Privacy” tab and ensure that the box marked “Accept cookies from sites” and “Accept third-party cookies” are both checked.

2. Internet Explorer

● Select the “tools” menu and click on “internet options”
● Click on the “security” option and ensure that the “Enable JavaScript” box is checked. 
● In the next step, click on “Privacy” and set the “Cookies Level” to medium.

3. Chrome

● Find the Chrome menu, which can be accessed with three dots on the top right-hand corner. 
● Click on the “Setting” menu.
● Scroll down and click on “Advanced”.
● Locate the “Privacy and Security” section and visit the “Site Settings” option.
● Make sure that Cookies settings are set to “Allow sites to have and read cookie data”.
● Click on the Javascript settings and turn it to “Allowed”.

Once you have enabled the settings based on browser type, visit the ClickBank website to sign-up for your form. On the “Create Account” sign-up form, choose your country from the dropdown menu. Next, you have to enter your first name, last name, phone number, and email address. You also have to choose a password to continue.

Click on the “Continue” button to terms and conditions. Scroll down and click on the “Accept Terms and Conditions” then continue on to the next step. Next, click the “Join ClickBank!” button to complete the initial sign-up process.

Step 2: Complete the Client Profile

● Once you’ve completed the first step, go back to the “ClickBank Login page” and use your email and password to log in. 
● Locate the vertical panel on the left side of the screen. Click on the “Profile” section to access the “Profile” page. 
● On the profile page enter the information as asked on the field.
● Once you’ve filled in the information, click the “Save” button. After you click, a dialogue box will appear on your screen confirming the creation of your account.

Step 3: Creating a ClickBank Account

● Log in to the newly created account using the email address and password to access the dashboard.
● Find the navigation panel for your account on the left side of the screen, and click on the “Accounts” tab. Once you click it, you’ll be directed to the “Manage Account Nicknames” page.
● On the right side of the screen, find the “Create Account” button. Click on it. 
● The “Create Account” dialogue box asks you to pick an account type and provide a nickname for the account. Below, you’ll find a list of options you can choose from the “Account Type” drop-down menu. 
● Once you’ve provided the required information as asked on the screen. Click on the “Create Account” button. Clicking will create a unique account affiliated with the email address you used to sign up.

Step 4: Adding Payment Information

● Log in to your dashboard again, if you’ve logged out.
● Find the “Account” tab from the navigational column on the left-hand side. There you’ll be directed to the “Manage Account Nicknames” page. 
● From the list of accounts choose the “Nickname” header and select the account you want to update. Click on the account nickname which will open a new tab. 
● From the horizontal navigation bar, click on the “Account Settings” tab. Clicking on this tab will direct you to the “My Account” page. 
● In the upper-right corner of the “Payment Information” box, click on the link labelled as “Edit”. Click on it, you’ll be directed to the “Payment Information Editor” page. 
● Depending on your preferences, you can change your payment threshold, payment method, and payment frequency. Fill in the information asked. 
● Once you’ve made the necessary changes, click on the “Save Changes” button.

How to Choose the Best ClickBank Product to Promote?

Choose your Niche:-

Affiliate marketing focuses on solving people’s problems by suggesting the best products. As a beginner, you should pick a niche that you are passionate about and one that you know well. You must have proper information about your niche because the better you know it, the better you can promote it.

Top Performing Clickbank Niches:-

● Health & Fitness
● Dating & Relationship
● E-Business & E-Marketing

ClickBank has 250+ categories and 21000+ products that you can promote. When you choose a ClickBank product, it should be one that matches up with your website niche or whatever channel you use to promote the products.

For every category of product, there is a huge list of offers that you can choose from. ClickBank provides a series of metrics to help you understand the level of commission you can earn on each product you sell. Here are some terms used by ClickBank that you should understand:

● Avg%/Sale: This refers to the average commission rate that’s earned for all the products from a particular vendor.
● Initial $/Sale: This term refers to the average amount you earn per sale from a particular product. 
● Avg Rebill Total: This term refers to the amount an affiliate marketer can earn when a rebill happens. Rebills are the recurring sale of a particular product. Let’s say that you sell a product that takes away $20 from a customer each month, every time the customer pays the amount, you will get a commission.
● Grav: Gravity (Grav) shows you how many sales you’ve made in the last 12 weeks. ClickBank doesn’t disclose how they calculate Gravity, the only information available to affiliate marketers is from 0.1 to 1 for every sale. High gravity means that the offer is selling well, low gravity indicates that the product doesn’t sell.

Here are all the steps that you should follow to choose a ClickBank product that can bring in a lot of profits:

● Find the category that sells the product you want to promote. 
● Filter the product by Gravity score. 
● Make a list of products that have a gravity score of 30 or above. 
● Visit the sales page of each product and make a comparison of all of them. You should analyze the sales page and check if it’s optimized for conversion. Think from the perspective of your audience and if the product has value. 
● One ideal way to choose the product is by looking at the reviews of the product online. Go through as many reviews as possible and determine if there are any complaints about the product. Promoting a product that has a bad rating will only reduce your chances of earning a profit.

How to Promote ClickBank Products for Free?

1. Start a Blog

Image of Writing Blog Post

Needless to say, writing a blog is one of the most tried and tested methods of getting organic traffic and selling products. Focus on your niche, write a series of blogs and get as much traffic as possible. Getting traffic is one of the best methods of selling your ClickBank products.

Some of the most common types of article formats for affiliate marketing are reviews of products, product comparisons, product ratings, or rankings. It is easy to add affiliate links to these types of blogs naturally. Before you start promoting the products and services, you’ll need a good SEO strategy.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

Image of Create YouTube Channel

YouTube is another great marketing channel to drive traffic to your affiliate links. If you love making videos, vlogs and have other decent equipment, you can start right away. Promoting products and services on YouTube doesn’t require any money.

Compared to blogs, YouTube has less competition. There aren’t as many affiliate marketing vloggers compared to bloggers. The difficulty level varies based on the product and niche you choose. Just like blogs, YouTube also has some SEO techniques that you can follow for promoting your ClickBank products. You need to add CTAs in your videos and add the links in your description.

3. Instagram for ClickBank Promotion

Image of Promoting on Instagram

We’re all aware of the power Instagram has. You can create a huge user base on Instagram and promote ClickBank products for free. More followers mean more traffic to your links, more traffic means more sales, with each sale comes the commission.

To be able to do that on Instagram, you need to pick a niche and keep promoting products in that particular niche. Create different content based on the same niche, engage with your followers regularly, and make use of marketing techniques.

4. Facebook Groups for ClickBank Promotion

Image of Promoting on Facebook Groups

Another method to promote ClickBank products for free is by using Facebook groups. Interact with people that are interested in the niche of products you’re selling. You can find Facebook groups and forums to interact with people who are interested in the products you’re promoting. 

Find groups that are active and have a high number of daily posts and engagement. You can even create your own Facebook groups catering to the products you want to promote.

5. Pinterest For ClickBank Promotion

Image of Promoting on Pinterest

Pinterest has a huge user base and you can promote the products. There are a number of ways to promote the links directly, without a website. Just like Instagram, pick a niche to work with and then go to your Pinterest profile and create a board.

Create a number of pins for your ClickBank offers and products. Fill your boards by posting regularly which will increase the overall traffic to the links. Promoting your products using Pinterest is a great method.

6. Reddit for ClickBank Promotion

Image of Promoting on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most famous social media platforms, and if you want to succeed, you have to think out of the box. Using Reddit ads to promote ClickBank products isn’t the best idea as you’ll just end up losing money.

To put it simply, the best way to advertise on Reddit is by organic promotion. All you need is a Reddit account and a Twitter account. When you choose a product, find as many subreddits as you can on the particular niche. If the niche is wide, then you can try posting in subreddits that have a lot of users and huge engagement.

7. Quora for ClickBank Promotion

Image of Promoting on Quora

Quora is one of the most active platforms where users interact with each other in terms of questions and answers. If you know how to use Quora, it can be extremely beneficial. With Quora, you can generate targeted traffic to your ClickBank products and that’s why it is one of the best platforms.

Creating a Quora account is free, and you can search for specific questions related to your niche. You should go through these questions and suggest multiple answers, you can include the link for ClickBank products. Make sure not to get too greedy and spam the questions with links, balance is always a good thing.

8. Article Directories for ClickBank Promotion

One of the least known methods for promoting ClickBank products without having your website is article marketing. Article marketing is simple, you write an article about the product you want to promote and publish the article to article directories, by adding an affiliate link.

There’s no limit to article directories you can choose to promote your product. There are both free and paid article directories. Paid websites are usually the ones with better traffic, engagement, and DA.

9. Forums for ClickBank Promotion

Forums work pretty much like Facebook Groups. Pick a niche, find the forums, and engage with the audience that’s interested in that niche. Find active forums with regular interactions. Don’t spam the ClickBank links as you’ll be considered a spammer and you won’t get any benefits.

The key is to find a forum that caters to the niche that you’ve picked. Forums have a lot of engagement on a daily basis so you’ll be able to get targeted traffic to your ClickBank links.

10. Build Email List for ClickBank Promotion

Image of Capturing Emails

While email marketing is an old method of marketing, it is still effective. Email marketing is one of the most personal and effective ways of promoting the products you’ve chosen. Just like any other type of marketing, don’t spam your products and at the same time don’t be distant. Find a balance between promotion and not being spammy.

If you have a website, you can build an email list for yourself by asking users to sign up for newsletters. Social media promotions can also help you build an email list. Build the email list and experiment with different types of emails. Whichever one works the best, that’s the one you should keep working on.

Testing and Promoting Your Campaign

You should remember the tracking ID you entered while creating your affiliate links. It is also crucial to check your reports on a daily basis. You should also ask yourself some questions:

● Where do most of your clicks come from?
● What channel offers the most conversions?
● Which source of traffic generates the highest Avg $/Sale?

It is obvious that you want to drive more traffic to the affiliate links. You should focus on the source that offers the highest conversion rates.

You should learn why other sources of promotion aren’t working. Understanding why some parts of your promotions are failing and why some are working great is the key to improving. Here are some of the best tracking softwares you can use-

● Voluum
● Clickmagick
● Bemob

What Are ClickBank Payment Methods?

Let’s say you’ve sold a number of ClickBank products, how will you receive payment? There are four ways you can receive the ClickBank payment:

1. Check

The default payment option is a check. You’ll get the check via mail to the address which is you mentioned during the sign-up process.

2. Direct Deposit

ClickBank offers Direct Deposit as another payment method. However, you can only get Direct Deposits in the U.S and selected other countries free of cost. If you choose this payment method, it may take 1-2 days for the amount to reflect in your account.

3. Wire Transfer

The third method is payments by wire transfer. Wire transfer is for countries that aren’t supported by direct deposit. Wire transfer payment takes 5 days to 1 week, the time varies based on where you live.

4. Payoneer

If you want, you can get your payment using a Payoneer Mastercard. Payoneer allows users to open a U.S bank account where they can get money deposited.

You can change your ClickBank payment methods anytime you want. Although whenever you change to a new payment method, the process fulfilment can take up to 7 days. If you change your email address and password, ClickBank doesn’t allow you to change the payment methods for a week. This policy is to protect the users from fraud.


If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you should definitely sign up with ClickBank and make money. There are a huge number of products, categories, and offers to promote. There are some products that you may want to avoid as they are of poor quality. Follow our guide on how to promote ClickBank products for free and get started today.

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