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Sendinblue Latest Review

Sendinblue Review 2022: What to expect

Everyone heard about the word Email Marketing, and even nowadays, most people started doing email marketing. What you think is email marketing is helpful to grow your business, and which tool do you prefer for email marketing. Then, finally, you landed in the right place. Here we are sharing the Sendinblue Review 2022 to help you guide in your email marketing journey. 

There are thousands of email tools available in the market through which you can create an incredible email. In this article, we review and explore every aspect of Sendinblue, and what you expect from Sendinblue in 2022? 

Before proceeding to the Sendinblue review, we understand why email marketing is helpful to grow your business. Yes, email marketing is very helpful in developing and expanding your business online. Through regular emails, you always be in touch with your customer, whether they are buying any product or services from you or not. In businesses, it is essential to remain in contact with customers. As you never know when they require your products and bingo! You made a sale. 

Also, through email marketing, you can get connected with overseas customers with just a single click. With emails, you can convey your list of products or services, their uses, discounts you offer, celebration mails, accomplishment mails, and many more things. Even with email marketing, your online business can reach out to millions and millions of eyes that might look for your product or services. In email marketing, you can reach out to the ocean. Now it is up to you how much water you want for your business growth. 

I hope now you will understand why email marketing is helpful for your business growth. So, let us continue with one of the popular email marketing tools that are Sendinblue. 

In this article, we review Sendinblue. We take a deeper look at Sendinblue offers, features, pricing plan, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions that everyone faces while selecting an email marketing service provider. 

So, first, we understand about Sendinblue 

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue has trusted by more than 180,000 businesses all over the world. It is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you build better customer relationships with meaningful communications and engage your contacts. It is one of the feature-rich campaign tools that help your business to grow, builds strong relationships with clients through emails.  

They provide many features such as marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, and many more that we understand through this Sendinblue review article. They offer flexible and versatile marketing automation to make your work more ease. Through this, you can also track the web behavior of your contacts and use the information to make your work more profitable and convenient for others. 

Now, let us have a look at Sendinblue features.

Features of Sendinblue 

Sendinblue has used by most brands and marketers to send email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Many features can help you while doing email marketing or marketing campaigns. Here, in this Sendinblue review, we first take a deeper look at Sendinblue’s most essential features. Did not skip it out, as this is one of the most significant part of this review. 

So, make notes of the points that will be going to help you with your online journey. Let us start. 

  1. Drag and Drop Email Editor – With the help of this tool, you can quickly build your customized emails. They provide various pre-designed elements to customize your email templates according to your requirement. Even a beginner can quickly create an attractive email template with a Drag-and-drop email editor. 
  2. A/B Testing – Through A/B testing, you can optimize your emails by testing the best-suited subject lines. It helps you to recognize which subject lines work for you and which not before even going live. 
  3. Landing Pages – Creating powerful landing pages for your online business, you will eventually enhance your business and attract more clients or customers. With Sendinblue, you can create landing pages by using their drag and drop page builder. As you complete the landing page, then add the landing page URL in emails, advertisements, social posts, and many others. 
  4. Retargeting – You can create a retargeting audience for ads by retargeting visitors based on page visits and their actions. You can upload different styles of ad creatives with defined budgets and monitor performance on key parameters.
  5. Sign-up forms – Through sign-up forms, you can collect information from different fields. It also gives the contact a chance to opt-in to receive many types of emails according to GDPR regulations. If you are opting for surveys, feedbacks through questions, then sign-up forms will be the best option for you. 
  6. Real-time Statistics – Through this, you get access to a global overview of your email performance. You can track your events, deliveries, open rate, clicks, bounce rate, and many more. With the help of real-time statistics, you can analyze your business requirements and in which field you need to improve.  
  7. CRM – They offer both sales and marketing CRM through which you can centralize all your contact information and set follow-up actions. 
  8. Marketing Automation – Through this feature, you can automate the workflow for better productivity, and even you can schedule the send mails, SMS, and newsletter at a particular time. You can set a workflow for sending a welcome email whenever a user signs up for the service. 
  9. Sending Transactional messages – These transactional messages include purchase confirmations, password resets, and other non-commercial information. Sendinblue offers various advanced deliverability and tracking tools in its services. That, you can track every minute detail related to your business. 
  10. Customer Support – You will get fantastic customer support as they offer live web chat, email, and phone support. Even they provide tutorials on to use their services and related frequently asked questions. It is suitable for beginners. Those are started email marketing and want to learn more about it. 

Till now we have understood the main features of Sendinblue that play an essential role in building email marketing. Apart from these, we have also reviewed some other salient features of Sendinblue that you should know. So, let us have a look. 

Additional features of Sendinblue   

  1. Spam check
  2. Subscription forms
  3. SMS Campaigns
  4. Dedicated IP
  5. Trigger Marketing
  6. Order Tracking
  7. Newsletter Builder
  8. Customizable Layouts
  9. Campaign Analysis
  10. Multi-channel Marketing

There are many more features Sendinblue offers. Sendinblue features help you ease your work and provide you desired time.  So, that you can concentrate on other important stuff and now let us move further in this Sendinblue Review. Let us have a look at their benefits.

Benefits of Sendinblue

They offer lots of benefits, but here we are highlighting only the main benefits, and you get an overview of this. 

  1. You can access Sendinblue for free with unlimited contacts, but you have a cap on sending emails daily. You can only send 300 emails daily basis. 
  2. They help you to avoid repetitive tasks like building transactional emails for regular work. 
  3. You can preview your email campaigns. So that you have an idea of what they look like on a desktop or mobile screen. 
  4. They allow you to optimize the appropriate time to send emails to increase engagement with emails. 
  5. You can send bulk SMS through SMS marketing campaigns to contact lists by writing the message and sending it at a particular time. 
  6. You will also get enhanced marketing efforts to segment the list which helps to optimize the open click rates. 

Along with these, you will get many more benefits. I must suggest you should discover more benefits by using it personally for your business. 

Now, wondering what Sendinblue will cost you. So, do not be stressed we are here at Sendinblue Review to provide you with every detail that is helpful for your business and even for your pockets.

Pricing Plan of Sendinblue

Sendinblue offers four different pricing plans for different level businesses. So, choose wisely according to your business requirements. Let us get started. 

1. Free 

By the word, you understand that this plan will cost nothing from your pocket, and hence you can enjoy Sendinblue services without paying any penny. 

With this plan, you can email up to 300 per day and add unlimited contacts. Apart from this, you get email campaigns, email template library, SMS marketing, advanced segmentation, customizable sign-up forms, sales CRM and many more. 

So, if you are a beginner and just wanted to understand the features and services on how to do email marketing, then this free plan is best for you. 

2. Lite

This plan is perfect for new marketers. In this plan, you have no daily sending limit, get proper email support with A/B testing. Even, you can remove the Sendinblue logo and advanced statistics. 

Apart from these features, you will get email campaigns, a mobile-friendly email designer, an email template library, SMS marketing, Sales CRM, one shared inbox, and many more features.

Now wondering about its cost. So, it depends upon your monthly email volumes. If you have monthly email volumes such as 

  • 10,000 emails, then it will cost you $25 per month. 
  • 20,000 emails, then it will cost you $39 per month. 
  • 40,000 emails, then it will cost you $54 per month.
  • 60,000 emails, then it will cost you $69 per month.
  • 100,000 emails, then it will cost you $99 per month and so on. 

So, before finalizing the plan, first, keep a check on how many monthly emails you need to send. Then go for the pricing plan. 

3. Premium

This plan is best for marketing pros. In this plan, you get access to marketing automation, Facebook ads, landing pages, multi-user access, and telephone support. 

Apart from these features, you will get email campaigns, an email template library, SMS marketing, chat, A/B testing, time optimization, five landing page builder, Facebook ads, and many more. 

This plan will also cost you according to your monthly email requirements. If you have monthly emails volumes like: 

  • 20,000 emails, then it will cost $65 per month
  • 40,000 emails, then it will cost $79 per month
  • 60,000 emails, then it will cost $94 per month
  • 100,000 emails, then it will cost $124 per month
  • 150,000 emails, then it will cost $169 per month and so on. 

Hey, before going for payment, first analyze your business requirements and then your monthly emails. 

4. Enterprise

The enterprise plan is for marketers who need more advanced features. In this plan, you will get custom volume emails, priority sending, more than 20 landing pages, more than 10 user access, SSO, customer success manager, and many more. 

Aside, from this feature, you will get all benefits required for doing email marketing business. These are email campaigns, email template library, chat, A/B testing, landing page builder, Facebook ads, advanced segmentation, sales CRM, unlimited shared inbox, and many more. 

Now you wonder what it will cost you. If you want to get this plan for your business, then fill up the quote form. It only requires your basic details. Once you submit the form, then the Sendinblue team will contact you and guide you best regarding this plan according to your business. 

So, select the plan which best suits your business and requirement. In this Sendinblue pricing review, we have discussed plan features and their costing. I must recommend, that you take a step back and analyze your business analytics and requirements, and then go for the plan and enjoy every feature Sendinblue offers. 

Till now, we have reviewed every possible aspect of Sendinblue. Now let us have a look at their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Sendinblue


  • They offer easy-to-use software for beginners and marketers. 
  • With Sendinblue, you can easily create, customize and deliver emails with the help of email automation tools. 
  • You get a helpful and highly supportive team to solve your problems and queries. 
  • They offer an efficient and pleasant interface to use. 


  • You will get limited templates
  • You might get confused while setting up an account. 

These are the pros and cons that I consider highlighting in this Sendinblue review. As you know, we have reached the last portion of this article which is the conclusion. But as I am overwhelmed while doing the Sendinblue review. I have shortlisted some most frequently asked questions that might be helpful in your journey. So, stay connected till the end. 


People who are about to start email marketing and looking for a service provider. Then I can know how painful it is to find the best service provider for your online work. Even email marketing is playing an important role in building online businesses whether you are the owner of the organization or a small business. 

To build your brand, and improve your sales rate, you need to get connected with your end-users from time to time. So, your users must aware of your products or services. If you are wondering whether to go with Sendinblue or not.

Then, I must recommend you first try its free version and utilize all its features and perform your email marketing. By doing this, you have around 30 days to make up your mind and go for the paid version. 

I hope you get a solution for queries and this Sendinblue review must add up some more valuable information to your knowledge well. So, before ending, must have a look at some most frequently asked questions that might come into the mind of everyone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How good is Sendinblue for email marketing? 

Ans. Besides, Sendinblue has a slightly slow system but the features and allowances you get are very impressive and they offer all services at very reasonable prices. Sendinblue is good for small businesses, particularly for start-ups.  

Ques 2. What is the payment mode Sendinblue accepts?

Ans. You can buy the plan of Sendinblue by paying through Paypal, credit card, or local payment services. 

Ques 3. Does the free version of Sendinblue require any Credit card details? 

Ans. This is the most important question and here is the good news. You do not need to submit the payment details for the free version. By using the company name and email address you can start your email marketing services from Sendinblue. 

Ques 4. Does Sendinblue have any hidden fees or contracts? 

Ans. Sendinblue doesn’t cost any hidden fees. Their pricing plan contains all the charges exclusive of taxes. You don’t need to pay any additional costs after signing up for a plan. 

Ques 5. Can I create SMS campaigns with Sendinblue? 

Ans. Yes, you can create SMS campaigns through your account. SMS campaigns play an important role as SMS or text messages go directly to the customer without waiting in their email inbox area.

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