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Is GetResponse is best for email marketing platform: Getresponse Review 2022

Did you hear about email marketing? Did you ever think how email marketing works? 

If not, till now. Then you must know about Email marketing because email marketing plays a significant role in your business growth as well as connecting your business to the end-users. With the help of email marketing, you can reach unlimited users. 

Now, thinking about how to build an email list and start email marketing. Then, finally, you are at the right place. Here in this blog, I am going to share about the best email platform. In this, we talk about GetResponse Review 2022 and provide you the tips on how you build an effective email list.

Points that we are covering in the article are: 

  1. Why building an email list is important? 
  2. Is GetResponse is the best email marketing platform? 
  3. Features of GetResponse
  4. Price plan of GetResponse
  5. Pros and Cons of GetResponse
  6. Conclusion of GertResponse Review 2022

So, let us dive into one of the best software for email marketing and find out how you get the best from Getresponse in 2022.

1. Why building an email list is important? 

Everyone is purchasing software through ordering online. If we talk about online purchasing, research was conducted by DMA (Direct Marketing Association). They conclude that when it comes to purchasing something, that results in receiving marketing messages, then the email has the highest conversion rate that is 66%. 

The most important reason to build an email list is that you have your tribe and people who are interested in your emails and can be ready to buy your products. Through regular emails, you build trust with them. Most professional blogger has generated primary income source from email lists. 

“Numbers are the power”. The same goes for the email list. In case you are promoting your product directly on social media without collecting emails. Then, soon you will face downfall because you do not have confirmation of how long you can go through the same account. 

So, before sharing any product or services. You should collect email so that you can contact them after get banned from any social media platform. Those who just started an online business might have to face this problem. As your business seems to grow, on the same date, your account gets banned, and again you need to start from zero. It can be terrifying and very upsetting.  

Do not forget to collect the email of your customer. There are some other strong reasons why building an email list is important.

  • You can easily get connected with your customers
  • Many companies love email lists
  • You have generated your email list
  • Make more money with the help of email marketing
  • Consistent email builds trust and business
  • It increases the rate of return of visitors

So, through this, you understand why you need to build an email list from the first day of your online business. Never forget to build an email list whether you are doing small or big business. It plays a very significant role in generating your revenue and building your online worth.

Now, let us understand about

2. Is GetResponse is the best email marketing platform? 

Here we are providing an honest, unbiased review on GetResponse. We also look in-depth at GetResponse features. So, stay connected till the end. 

Before looking for the best email marketing platforms, you must understand about having a desire to build an email list is not the problem, but the main problem is finding the best email service provider. 

Find a service provider that will provide them exactly what you desire and making the entire process easy for you. Even also gives your subscribers a good experience. Before deciding, you should consider few points that you require from an email marketing provider. 

Those points are:

  • They give Marketing Automation
  • The price must be reasonable
  • They have proper segmentation
  • Easy to use features
  • Good autoresponder
  • They provide pre-designed templates
  • Various options for landing pages and many more. 

These are some points that you should consider while considering any email provider. So, if you go through the internet, you come across many email service providers. These providers are AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and many other providers. 

But in this article, we are discussing GetResponse. Even though I recommend GetResponse because it is an all-in-one marketing platform. This gives you access to email marketing, landing pages, CRM, and advanced automation, and you can able to build an email list, create landing pages with ease, and perform webinars to boost your business. 

So, now understand more about GetResponse features. It will help you to make your decision more strong. By the ending of this GetResponse Review 2022, we are also sharing some Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Features of GetResponse  

Let us have a look at the features of GetResponse. 

– Email marketing

The email marketing services provided by GetResponse are one of the finest in the industry. GetResponse provides beautiful email templates that are easy to use by adding your requirements and the services you provide. These beautiful emails will encourage your subscribers to open your mail. 

Email Creator

Those who are just starting email marketing find it difficult to build an attractive email campaign. So, GetResponse makes it easy for you. They are providing several pre-designed templates to choose. 

You can choose a suitable design instead of creating designs from scratch. Just look at the template preview first and see if it matches your requirements. After selecting the desired template, you need to perform few changes according to your requirements. 

Those changes might take you 5-10 minutes to get the perfect template to go live. In GetResponse, you will get an eCommerce section in the email editor. In the eCommerce section, you can add the product box and recommended product blocks. To get access to the eCommerce section, you first set up your store on Getresponse. 

GetResponse Autoresponder

It is quite impossible to send mail manually all the time. If you have a huge list of emails with specific time preferences, then it became more difficult for you to send all emails at a particular time. 

With the help of GetResponse Autoresponder, you can easily automate your email sequence to convert prospects easily. You can use this feature to create emails and then allot the timing when your mail is deliver to the recipient. Even with the help of GetResponse Autoresponder, you can plan your day. 

Email Analytics

Through email analytics, we understand how our email campaigns are working. You must know how your subscribers receive your emails. You might think that you created the best email campaign but do not think that all your subscribers will get the same feeling. 

By analyzing email analytics of the mails, you get a better understanding of your subscribers and determine what resonates with them. Through this, you will learn which emails led to generate website visits, sales, or sign-up. 

With the help of email analytics, we get to analyze the open rate, click-through rates, numbers of subscribers or unsubscribers, and sales. You can also monitor mobile and desktop performance. Even you can also perform A/B tests on subject lines and tweak emails. 

What is A/B testing? 

A/B testing is known as split testing. In split testing, you can send one set of emails to the desired recipients and a variation of the same email to another group of recipients. Through this, you can analyze the results of two email tests to see which one has performed better. Then use that email to get the best results. 

Conversion Funnel

GetResponse provides every feature that requires to build your business. With the help of a conversion funnel which is previously known as an auto funnel. You can get all the pieces together and create a high converting funnel that turns your visitors into customers. 

GetResponse will give you access to four types of funnels. These funnels are: 

  • Simple opt-in funnels: This helps you to generate leads for your business. 
  • Sales Funnel: This helps you to promote, sell and deliver your products to the customers. 
  • Webinar Funnel: This helps you to build and nurture your relationships with the users. 
  • Lead-magnet funnel: This allows you to share valuable content in the exchange of email addresses. 

While finding out the correct funnel for your business. You should need to understand what is the goal and purpose of your funnel. To build a list, you must select the lead magnet funnel or organize a webinar then Webinar funnel would be great for you. 

Conversion Funnel made your work much easier by taking away the guess-works such as developing high converting campaigns, sign-up forms, landing pages, and emails. Just fill-up the required form then, watch how your conversion funnel works for you. 

Webinar Hosting

Running a good business online and wondering how to get connected with your audience. Then, with the help of GetResponse Webinar hosting, you can get connected with your audience. 

GetResponse provides you a webinar software that helps to get connected to as many as 1,000 live attendees. That looks great. Although, you can also share your stage with other presenters and store the recording in the cloud for almost 20 hours. 

GetResponse webinar has many features that you take benefits from it. These are: 

  • You can create unlimited numbers of recording
  • You will create a customize webinars URLs
  • Easily manage your user registrations
  • Enable subscription setting for attendees

Even with the help of GetResponse built-in marketing tools, you can promote your webinars to your email lists. The webinar is very resourceful while taking your business to another level. 

With GetResponse, you will get adequate tools to launch a capable webinar where you can take questions and engage with attendees in real-time. Even if someone missed the webinar, you will be able to share the recording of the entire webinar. 

Landing Pages

With the help of landing pages, you can able to convert visitors into subscribers or even customers. Instead of using forms, you use landing pages. GetResponse will provide you variety of landing pages that you can use according to your requirements. 

While creating landing pages, you do not require a lot of time. With the help of drag and drop builder, you can efficiently assemble the required column into your landing pages. Even with the landing pages, you can generate an effective email list. 

Data Integration and Storage

Through GetResponse, you can collect and store data about your customers. Your data is key to segmentation, personalizing content, and implementing trigger emails to customers. Here we explore more about data fields and overview of importing customers data.

Data fields

Data fields help you to gather and organize your contact information in GetResponse. It will help you with segment your lists to send better-targeted emails, and even GetResponse will automatically collect your given contact as default data fields. These data fields are: 

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Subscription date and updated date
  • IP address
  • Origin

Even GetResponse allows you to create custom data fields to capture additional contact information that is relevant to your business. You can also create unlimited data fields for each contact. 


Everyone wants to get a high percentage of the deliverability rate. Therefore, GetResponse has a strong reputation in deliverability rate. They know the importance of email delivery in your recipient inbox. The mail that gets directly delivered to your inbox will have higher chances to get opened and reviewed. 

There are many deliverability features that GetResponse will provide. 

  • Deliverability analytics and reporting
  • Spam checker
  • Double opt-in
  • Automated contact removal for soft and hard bounces
  • Dedicated click tracking
  • Email authentication
  • Dedicated domain
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Unsubscribe option. 

So, you will get many features through GetResponse.

Transactional emails

People who are running an eCommerce website. They want more emails from any email marketing software rather than just collecting subscribers and sending emails. They require a tool that will send emails to people who forgot to check out their carts. 

GetResponse will connect you with API and SMTP and allow you to send transactional emails to customers. They provide an option to automate your system so that you can look at big pictures. With the help of GetResponse, you can analyze and review the performance and change the strategy if required. 

Apart from these features, GetResponse also provides many more features that will grow your online business with the help of email marketing. I also used GetResponse and get very mind-blowing results. It helps me to get connected with my users. This thing helped me a lot to grow my business.  

Now, let us know how much GetResponse will cost you.

4. Price plan of GetResponse

GetResponse offers only three different plans with a 30-day free trial option without giving your bank details. 

GetResponse plan goes as: 

  • Basic: In this plan, you get access to send emails and build an engaged customer base. This plan provides features like email marketing, website builder, autoresponder, unlimited landing pages, one sales funnel, unlimited lead funnels, and many more. But their Basic plan price varies according to your list size. So, the Basic plan price goes as: 
    • $15 per month for 1000 contacts
    • $25 per month for 2,500 contacts
    • $45 per month for 5,000 contacts
    • $65 per month for 10,000 contacts
    • $145 per month for 25,000 contacts
    • $250 per month for 50,000 contacts
    • $450 per month for 100,000 contacts 
  • Plus: In plan helps you to generate leads, sell products and grow your profits. This plan provides all the features of the Basic plan. In the Plus plan, you will get five workflows of automation builder, webinar with 100 attendees, five sales funnels, three users can work together, and many other features. This plan also has different prices according to your list size. The Plus plan goes as: 
    • $49 per month for 1,000 contacts
    • $59 per month for 2,500 contacts
    • $79 per month for 5,000 contacts
    • $95 per month for 10,000 contacts
    • $179 per month for 25,000 contacts
    • $299 per month for 50,000 contacts
    • $499 per month for 100,000 contacts
  • Professional: In this plan, you can optimize your results with pro automation and integration. This plan has everything that the plus plan contains. This professional plan will provide you features like unlimited automation builder, web push notification, paid webinars, unlimited sales funnels, on-demand webinars, and many other features. This plan price goes as: 
    • $99 per month for 1,000 contacts
    • $119 per month for 2,500 contacts
    • $139 per month for 5,000 contacts
    • $165 per month for 10,000 contacts
    • $255 per month for 25,000 contacts
    • $370 per month for 50,000 contacts
    • $580 per month for 100,000 contacts

Even GetResponse will give you to select the billing period that is monthly, yearly, and two years plan. If you choose a yearly or two-year plan then you will get up to a 30% discount. So, choose the best pricing plan according to your email list and your business requirements.

I am glad that you finally reach here and stay connected with me throughout the article. Within few minutes, we are going to discuss some Frequently Asked Questions. It will benefit you in your email marketing journey.

5. Pros and Cons of GetResponse

It is essential to know about the pros and cons of every product. So the pros of GetResponse goes as: 


  • They provide lots of templates to choose from that will helps you build anything.
  • They give you access to view your marketing automation workflows and funnels visually.
  • Conversion funnels make high converting funnels easy.
  • They will also allow you to optimize email designs for different devices and ESP’s
  • They have inbuild webinars and sales funnel software
  • GetResponse has a 24/7 live chat and email support system. 


  • They provide segments that are limited to only eight conditions

So, now we are discussing some Frequently Asked Questions that will help you in your email marketing journey with GetResponse. 

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1 Is GetResponse is free? 

Ans: GetResponse doesn’t offer any free plan, but they provide a 30 days free trial. So that you can use their full features and understand more about email marketing, and in this, 30 days free trial will not require any bank account details from you. 

Ques 2 Is GetResponse is a CRM? 

Ans: No, GetResponse is not a CRM but, it has Customer Relationship Management features. These features help you to manage your company’s interaction with current and potential customers. 

Ques 3 Which is better AWeber or GetResponse?

Ans: They both worked in the same field that is email marketing, and has similar features. But GetResponse is way ahead of AWeber. As GetResponse will provide an area of workflow-based automation. 

Ques 4 Which is better Mailchimp and GetResponse? 

Ans: They both allow you to create data segments, and you can use a variety of filters to identify subscribers based on particular criteria. But GetResponse is a way ahead of Mailchimp when it comes to sending e-newsletters to your segments. 

Ques 5 Is GetResponse good for email marketing? 

Ans: With GetResponse, you will get all in one experience of marketing platforms. GetResponse ranked due to their range of advanced features. 


In this GetResponse Review 2022, we covered every parameter that a beginner or professional will know. I know that choosing the best email marketing platform from more than 150 companies for your business is quite difficult. 

GetResponse has holds its own back against all the odds and competitive environment. But undoubtedly it is one of the better tools available in the market. GetResponse is user-friendly. Those who are new in email marketing and don’t know how to create attractive emails. With the help of GetResponse email templates, you can build professional emails. 

Email marketing is one of the essential things that help you to grow your business online. So, with GetResponse, you will get all features that are required to grow your business and engage more audiences and convert them into customers. 

I hope this article on Is GetResponse is best for email marketing platform: Getresponse Review 2022 will help you to the best email marketing services in 2022.

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